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  • Forties years brand, Worthy of trust

    Years careful management,we are more professional

  • APP trading is easy to control

    Easy to open account, trade, access, and account management


    NewSolidProvide global investors with precious metals, crude oil, currency pairs, index four categories, a total of 13 product trading services, and deploy high-performance servers in multiple regions around the world to ensure accurate and timely quotes for investors to refer to transactions .

    APP one-stop service

    Opening an account at a very fast speed is simpler;
    Self-contained trading, support for rapid opening, closing, pending orders, stop loss and other profit control settings;
    Provide Alipay, WeChat, online banking transfer a variety of deposit methods;
    The account equity, balance, position, order details, etc. are clear at a glance;
    24-hour online customer service, ready to help you solve problems.