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Apply for an open account
Non-Chinese mainland user account opening process
Documents required for local customers to open an account:
• Identity certificate
• Proof of address with the name of the applicant. The date on the supporting documents must be within 3 months before the application opening date
• Bank information
Application Process
1. Take the account opening form "Opening account form and fill in the instructions.
2. After completing the account opening form and signing, together with the signed customer agreement, the required supporting documents and the cheque issued in the account opened by the licensed bank in Hong Kong (the cheque must meet the amount of not less than $10,000, the cheque must contain The name displayed by the customer on the identity document is sent to the company)
3. The company will contact the customer to arrange an account after receiving the relevant email. After internal review of the documents that have been collected, we will email you the trading account number and login password.