MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading Software in the world.
Why choose
MT4 Software supports multiple advanced features, give user a large degree of customisation options and a clear and simple user interface. MT4 is also popular among expert advisor (EA) traders to allow their script to trade for them automatically. NEWSOLID's MT4 also support features such as live price, technical analysis and market news.
Deep liquidity pool allowing you to trade at the latest market price
Analytic Features
MetaTrader4 supports three different type of charts, 9 timeframe options and more than 50 different technical indicators to help you monitor the market with precision
User-Friendly Interface
View everything about the instrument, chart and your position in one page
40+ years of History and Trust
With our MT4 Software, enjoy trading with NEWSOLID and capture every moment in the market.
Download MT4 & Guide for free from NEWSOLID and experience our powerful trading software.