NEWSOLID's History and Development

Established in 1982, New Zealand, we are an international broker specialise on the trading of different financial instruments. And with our continous effort, we have currently expanded our service to over 10 different countries around the world.

After restructuring in 2012, we have further solidified our business in the Asia region. By highlighting our advantages and a brand new marketing strategies, we aim to further improve and refine our platform to become one of the best broker in the industry. NEWSOLID provides the trading of a wide range of financial instruments such as Forex and comodities. Our platform supports features such as trading, live market chart and market news to help you capture every moments.

NEWSOLID always keep up with the latest market trend. NEWSOLID always put our customer's interest first. With our team of experienced financial experts who worked in sectors such as the banking, fund management and investment banking, we provide our client trading service with high standard.

40 Years of History, Never Stop

With 40 years of experience, NEWSOLID has established ourselves as a trusted broker. NEWSOLID has established ourselves as a trusted broker.

Yet NEWSOLID never stop improving and innovating to become the best of the best.

“See Far and Wide”, NEWSOLID's robust business model allow us to capture every latest business trend in this everchange world and adapt to any changes in the financial market.