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With our 40+ years of experience, we are dedicated to provide our customer the best and safe trading experience. With NEWSOLID's dedication, we are able to provide 16+ instruments from 4 different financial sectors, acuminate over 3 millions customer and recognised bt different awarding bodies. Our aim is to continue to provide our customer a best trading experience and high standard service.

About Us
Transparency and Reliable

NEWSOLID is regulated by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Financial Services Commission.

Fund Segregation

Client's money is always segregated with the companies fund to protect your property.

SSL Protection

Our website use SSL technology to make sure that all your information are protected.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Your personal details will be verified and ensure that no third party can withdraw or deposit under your account.

The most widely used in the world
Trading platform fully tap the market

  • Compile your own algorithmic trading or import automated trading programs.
  • Individual customization and adjustment to meet your trading needs.
  • The platform and chart interaction support a smooth and natural trading experience.

Professional Customer Service Support

NEWSOLID is equipped with a senior financial team to provide first-class customer service

15s Customer Service Response

User feedback responds instantly. Based on internal data, the average customer service response time is 15s.

97.5% Customer Satisfaction

Cumulative active users exceed 3 million, customer satisfaction reaches 97.5%, and we will continue to improve.